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About “Blockpost” Simulations

Our simulations will operate on all versions of Microsoft WindowsTM operating systems from Windows 98TM and later including METM, XPTM, VISTATM , Windows 7TM, Windows 8.1TMand Windows 10TM

and with any screen resolution from 1024 x 768 upwards – including wide screen displays.

The Graphics

The simulations use high resolution graphics to create the visual representation of the signal box environment and include the ability to zoom-in or out to give both the “big picture” AND to see the detail descriptions of instruments, levers etc. When zoomed-in, the display may be smoothly and instantly scrolled to view any part of the display by simply clicking and dragging on the display

The Sound system

The simulations feature a sound system which enables many sounds to play simultaneously, thus, in the busier ‘boxes different block bells ringing simultaneously, may all be heard clearly – even above the sound of levers crashing back in the lever frame!

Timetable Editors

Customers who have purchased full licenses can, for a number of our simulations, additioanally purchase Timetable editing software enabling them to ceate, modify or edit timetable files giving them flexibility to operate their simulations in the way they want - including creating additional rolling stock - and also giving them the ability to share timetables with friends who also have Timetable Editors.

Download for FREE!

The currently available simulations may be directly downloaded from this site as “Demonstration versions” giving a limited period of full operation of the default timetable, including full access to the Train Register and other simulation features (with the exception of “Save”, “Load” and some background support information). Additionally, they may be converted to fully licensed versions by the simple purchase of a licence using the PayPal simple and secure on-line payment service.

The licensed versions will offer


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