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System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Block Post Simulations require the following hardware for successful operation:-

Pentium or higher processor
100 MB RAM
25 MB of free Hard Disk space
SVGA or higher resolution video display capability
"Sound Blaster®" compatible sound card and speakers
Mouse or other pointing device

Video Display

A key feature of BlockPost Simulations is the high quality graphics display which accurately portrays the real equipment of the actual prototype signal boxes. This requires a minimum graphics capability of 1024 x 786 pixels display resolution but works best with resolutions of 1280 x 1024 or better. The software will successfully cope with resolutions up to 3400 x 1440 including "wide-screen" display formats. The Display may be "Zoomed" to allow the detail inscriptions on the instruments to be viewed and the display can also be "scrolled" smoothly to any position on the screen.

The Sound System

The simulation makes use of special sound drivers which enables multiple sounds to "play" simultaneously and there is a small risk that these may be incompatible with particular sound cards. Should this problem arise, an error message will be displayed at start up. In this case, or should you experience any difficulties in hearing the sound effects clearly, please contact us for support.

Operating System Requirements

Signalman Simulations are written for Microsoft® Windows™ operating Systems. They will work on any x86 or 64b versions later than Windows ME, and have been tested on the following:-

Windows ME™
Windows XP™  
Windows 2000™
Windows Vista™
Windows 7™

Windows™ 8.1

Windows™ 10


There are no known problems with any of these systems.