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The Beginner’s Series

The beginner’s series of simulations is aimed at those with very limited knowledge of railway signalling – and provide an excellent learning platform for the complete novice. The locations modelled are representative of the many hundreds of small boxes up and down the land which once kept trains moving but which are now almost a thing of the past.

We select examples to include features which add interest and ensure that – notwithstanding their essential simplicity – they will still present challenges and maintain interest even over lengthy operating sessions.

Yapton Crossing

YaptonLocated deep in rural West Sussex on the former London Brighton and South Coast line from Portsmouth to Brighton. Yapton ‘box safe-guarded a level crossing as well as breaking up the block sections to maintain train headway. At Yapton, there is the complication that the two adjacent boxes, Ford and Barnham (both of which feature in our Advanced series) are junctions and therefore the Yapton Signalman has responsibility for “describing” the trains using the appropriate bell codes as prescribed by the Southern Railway Block Regulations. – See just how long YOU can last without making a mistake on the bells!


The Licensed Version includes a Timetable for a Summer Saturday race day at Goodwood with a multitude of excursion trains to the resorts of Bognor Regis, Southsea and Littlehampton, Race Specials to Barnham and Chichester and all the associated movements of light engines and empty stock


Difficulty Rating:- 2 out of 10

Purchase Price:- £29.50


Southern Railway 3-Position Block instruments
Southern Railway Block Regulations and Bell Codes
Description of Trains according to Destination

Interesting and challenging timetables from the heyday of steam!

Level Crossing


See Yapton Crossing on Youtube...

Video showing Yapton Crossing in operation is available on Youtube.  For best results, choose the highest quality setting which your system permits and run the videos in "full screen" mode.

 Portcreek Junction

YaptonTypical of many small but vitally important junction signal boxes once dotted throughout the system, the box which is the prototype for this Simulation was located on the former LBSCR and LSWR Portsmouth Joint Line. It supervised the Junction between the former LBSCR route between  Portsmouth and Havant and the London and South Western Railway route to Fareham, Southampton and the West (which was a Joint line as far as Cosham). This stretch of railway has always been busy, with a steady stream of trains heading into and out of Portsmouth to a range of destinations around the South and West of England, with traffic for Salisbury, Southampton and the West taking the divergent route at Portcreek Junction, whilst trains for London Waterloo, London Victoria and Brighton etc continue along the Mainline to diverge at Havant.

According to our research, on Summer Saturdays, Portcreek Junction was the busiest plain double junction on the whole of the Southern Region.


Difficulty Rating:- 4 out of 10

Purchase Price:- £31.50


Southern Railway 3-Position Block instruments
Southern Railway Block Regulations and Bell Codes

Traffic Regulation through the Junction

Description of Trains according to Destination

Intermediate Block Signals

Interesting and challenging timetables from the heyday of steam!

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