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Timetable Editors for some of our simulations are now available for on-line purchase..... 

About our Timetable Editors

Our Timetable editors enable users to create timetables either from scratch, or by using the supplied timetables as a starting point.  They are designed to simplify data entry whilst giving maximum opportunity for creativity.


Important note:-

In order to install and run the Timetable editor, a fully licensed version of the Simulation must already be installed on the computer.  Therefore the Timetable editor cannot be used with the demo version of the simulation. Please do not purchase a Timetable editor unless you have already Puchased and Registered the Simulation - paypal will take your money, but you will not be able to make use of your purchase, nor can any re-fund be given.

Purchase help

  1. Make your purchase via the Palpay secure payment system using the buttons below
  2. When your payment is received, you will be sent a link to your Personal Download Page

  3. Your Download page will include the personal serial number needed to Register your Timetable editor programme on your system - make a note of this serial number

  4. Download the installation file from the link on the page and run the file to install the programme

  5. Run the programm from the Start ... Program List.  When prompted, enter the Serial Number you noted from you Download Page.

  6. Your Timetable Editor is now installed and fully operational

Portcreek Junction

Price:-  £26.50

Gloucester Road Junction

*** Coming soon ***

Yapton Crossing

*** Coming soon ***