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Welcome to the home of Blockpost

Mechanical Signalling Simulations

Authentic recreations of the traditional Railway Signalbox

Welcome to the home of Blockpost Signalling Simulations

Latest News, February 2017

Timetable Editors are now available for purchase!

In response to many requests, we have been busy developing Editors to enable customers to create and edit timetables to run on our simulations. The first of these, for Portcreek Junction, is now in the final stages of testing and will be available within the next few weeks. 

Please note that the Editors will ONLY work with Registered copies of the simulations - they cannot be used with the demos.  If you therefore would like to create your own timetables, but have not yet purchased a full license for Portcreeek, you should do so before purchasing a Timetable Editor. Please keep an eye out for further announcements over the coming days.

Simulation developments.

Our next completely new simulation will be Crow Nest Junction - not the recently-closed plywood wonder, but the former L&Y box of 91 working levers.

We are also working on an "Advanced" version of Exeter West which includes permissive working and a much wider variety of traffic including Pilot Working to Central "B", wrong-line working to and from Exeter Goods etc. This version has been on test in the real Exeter West box over the past 12 months which has uncovered a few issues which are currently being worked on.  Because it is only suitable for very experienced operators, this simulation will be made available as an "add-on pack" to customers who have already purchased a full licence for the standard version of Exeter West. Target release date is April

Improved user interface.  

We have updated the simulation screen to allow the Train Information windows to be resized by dragging the side and top borders. This long-requested feature enables users the flexibility to choose to allocate more or less screen-space to the simulation display - particularly helpful for those with unusually low, or high resolution monitors. The arangement also allows the simulation to operate fully even when the window is "restored down" - particularly usefull if you wish to run the simulation whilst also displaying the "help" files, Train Register, Bell Code or Locking Information at the same time.  All future simulations will include this feature and existing ones will be updated in future versions.   

Our Portcreek Junction has been already been updated with this feature - please download and install it to see the effect. Remember that if you have purchased a License, all your registration details are preserved when you update.

Licences for our

Portcreek Junction, Gloucester Road Junction, Barnham Junction, Ford (Sussex),  Yapton Crossing and Exeter West simulations remain available for purchase on line.

Demo versions of all of our simulations are available for free download


About our Simulations

Our simulations authentically re-create the working environment of the traditional mechanical Signal Box, giving you full responsibility for the safe and punctual operation of the trains under your control

Actual Screenshot of Ford (Sussex) from our Advanced Series

Actual Screenshot of Gloucester Road Junction from our Lock and Block Series

Our simulations feature:-

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See our Simulations on Youtube...

Videos showing how to operate the initial demo period of our simulations are available on Youtube

Click the links for Yapton. and  Exeter West  For best results, choose the highest quality setting which your system permits and run the videos in "full screen" mode.