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Welcome to the home of Blockpost

Mechanical Signalling Simulations

Authentic recreations of the traditional Railway Signalbox

Welcome to the home of Blockpost Signalling Simulations

Latest News, September 2016

The full version of our 'Portcreek Junction' Simulation is now available to purchase on line.

We hope that Portcreek will provided a useful "stepping stone" for those who have enjoyed Yapton but do not yet feel ready to try our more challenging simulations.

Licences for our Gloucester Road Junction, Barnham Junction, Ford (Sussex),  Yapton Crossing and Exeter West simulations remain available for purchase on line.

Demo versions of all of our simulations are available for free download

It has been quite a while since the last update, but much has been going on behind the scenes to complete the development work on Portcreek Junction and bring it to the point where it is ready for release as a Demo.  We very much hope that this simulation will appeal to those customers how have purchesed Yapton as a starting point and are now feeling ready for promotion!

Please come back from time to time for further updates on progress - the next simulation for release will be somthing well away from the Southern or Western Regions!


About our Simulations

Our simulations authentically re-create the working environment of the traditional mechanical Signal Box, giving you full responsibility for the safe and punctual operation of the trains under your control

Actual Screenshot of Ford (Sussex) from our Advanced Series

Actual Screenshot of Gloucester Road Junction from our Lock and Block Series

Our simulations feature:-

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See our Simulations on Youtube...

Videos showing how to operate the initial demo period of our simulations are available on Youtube

Click the links for Yapton. and  Exeter West  For best results, choose the highest quality setting which your system permits and run the videos in "full screen" mode.